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Motivation and engagement

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Consider how motivation impacts student engagement on writing tasks. 


  1.  Read and discuss Ten Ideas that Get Kids Writing,
  2. Get to know the Writing Attitude survey using the Text Rendering Protocol

Practice Together:


Divide into 2 groups, each group taking one of the case studies (A or B). Score using the scoring sheet, and review their data from survey. Create a profile of the student. What are you able to determine about this student from the survey results? Then generate a list of instructional moves you would choose based on what you observe. Share and discuss the profile and plans with another group(s).

Implement:  Have students complete the Writing Attitude survey

Before the next session: with partner(s) analyze the rest of the surveys, and discuss implications for instruction.

Optional: Read Measuring Attitude Toward Writing: A New Tool for Teachers by McKenna & Kear. 

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These tools were created as part of the Literacy Improvement in Rural Education through Collaboration (LIREC) project funded by the U.S. Department of Education