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Social Emotional Learning Part 2

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This session will take these ideas deeper and connect to the nationally recognized social emotional learning competencies.

Text Reading

  • Accessing the CASEL Brief on four approaches in promoting social emotional competencies in students.
  • Before reading, review the Four “A”s Text Protocol.Use the protocol as you read silently and then discuss.
  • End the discussion with this open ended question:What does this mean for our work with students and implementing the SEL core competencies?
  • Discuss as a team what next steps might be needed to embed SEL into the classroom or school.

 Classroom Application Select from following activities: 

  1. Explore the CASEL website and Identify a downloadable resource that might serve as a good tool for your team in embedding SEL in the classroom and provide examples of how this can be implemented 
  2. View Webinar Essential Strategies for integrating Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (55:19) and identify implications for literacy instruction and provide examples of how this can be implemented 

 Actions Between Sessions

  • Review this list that texts that was curated for a school focused on character education.  Conduct an inventory of high-quality texts available to use as Read Aloud and class discussions related to SEL.  Bring texts or lists of titles to share at next session.
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These tools were created as part of the Literacy Improvement in Rural Education through Collaboration (LIREC) project funded by the U.S. Department of Education