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Social Emotional Learning Part 1

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Connecting the Sessions

  • Ask the participants to share their responses from the “Possible new strategies to meet the needs of ALL students” task from session 3.[Creating Productive Culture handout]
  • Today’s session will take these ideas deeper and connect to the nationally recognized social emotional learning competencies.

 View Webinar

  • Accessing the SEL webinar, view segment 17:20 – 23:40 (6 mins) together. (Participants can also access the webinar information from the SEL Webinar pdf of the slides.)
  • Before each group begins the segment, review the Video Viewing Protocol.Use the protocol to debrief the segment.

 Classroom Application

  • Ask participants to share the literacy lessons they have brought for today’s activity.Participants can share lessons if needed.
  • Using the CASEL Competencies Wheel, ask each participant to review their lesson and find areas within the lesson where any of the 5 core competencies would be critical for success.
  • Participants should take turns sharing their finds. At that time, the team should consider how these core competencies are being explicitly taught in the classroom.

 Actions Between Sessions

  • Participants should research the benefits behind why explicit SEL instruction in the classroom is a benefit for the next session.Possible options for this are:watch the full SEL Webinar (56 mins), visit the CASEL web site, or explore EduTopia. Be prepared to share your findings with the team.
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These tools were created as part of the Literacy Improvement in Rural Education through Collaboration (LIREC) project funded by the U.S. Department of Education