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The Early Language Gap is About More Than Words

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In this second session let's go deeper into discussion about language development and literacy learning in early childhood.  View the video, The Early Language Gap is About More Than Words, and consider how active engagement in words (speaking, listening, early reading and writing) in the classroom can drive a rigorous framework for instruction and is consistent with what research says about essential practices. (2:51)

This article, The Word Gap: The Early Years Make a Difference describes how teachers help bridge the gap between background and experiences by providing opportunities for talk in the classroom. 

To synthesize and consolidate your learning, create a handout or PowerPoint Presentation to share on the school website or parent meetings, Open House, describing the importance of talk in the early years.

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These tools were created as part of the Literacy Improvement in Rural Education through Collaboration (LIREC) project funded by the U.S. Department of Education