• martes, febrero 27, 2018
  • KaiLonnie Dunsmore

The Literacy Organizational Capacity Initiative (LOCI) sponsored a webinar on Social Emotional Learning: the Foundations Every Teacher Needs to Know.

Today's literacy classrooms are expected to be more interactive, collaborative, and rigorous than ever before. Research has shown that when educators attend to the social emotional needs of students and offer instruction in the skills necessary to successfully engage with intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions, academic achievement is enhanced. What are these social-emotional competencies, how are they developed, and how can they be integrated in instruction throughout the school day? This free webinar will share information that we at LOCI believes undergirds any effective literacy curriculum and is especially critical in constructing a school culture that supports successful, engaged, and fully present learning for students and teachers alike.

The Consortium for Educational Change Consultant Mary Tavegia will host the webinar. Mary has 37 years of educational experience in schools in Iowa and Illinois. During her nearly 20 years of teaching, she worked as both a special education teacher and a general education teacher and she also served as president of the education association for the district. She spent more than 15 years as an elementary principal where she led her school's implementation of inclusionary special education practices, Response to Intervention, data driven instruction and social emotional learning (SEL).

The original webinar can be also viewed here: https://vimeo.com/236089948

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