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Building Capacity for Literacy Teaching and Learning

Our Approach

LOCI enables schools and districts to benchmark their current levels of specific literacy capacity assets against national averages and high capacity districts.

Framework for Building Capacity

Conditions and practices that support effective collaboration and impact student learning.

Our Work 

Powerful stories about ongoing professional learning community successes.

About Our Inquiry Cycles

Each module reflects the following core components of summer lab professional learning:

  • Modeling - Reading professional text, watching introduction of topic and/or watching video of model teacher followed by focused discussion with protocol
  • Guided Practice - Teacher watching followed by discussion with protocol
  • Formative Assessment - Observation of students' performance/behaviors, analysis of student work/performance/behaviors followed by discussion with protocol
  • Family Engagement
  • Collaboratively Building Instructional Plans
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This work is intended to develop the capacity of the schools and community to support and sustain high quality literacy instruction for students in ways that build on the unique assets and culture of each community. This is about teacher, family and community ownership for change and growth.

KaiLonnie Dunsmore, LOCI